myENGLISHclub is particularly beneficial
to the children who are a bit more quiet
in the larger class environment.“
Mrs. Schmidt, school principle concept of
is what we have been looking for!“ Mr. Wierichs with Luana, 4th grade courses– that

Wouldn’t it be great to effectively teach your child to speak English in a fun and stimulating way?

myENGLISHclub offers a unique learning experience in English for children in elementary school.

Why unique? Because we combine fun and games with learning the English language, so that children want to learn. We are happy to do so in exchange with schools, taking into account topic plans of the respective German federal states to ensure that our courses are in line with the knowledge level and support requirements of our students.

Our small groups and weekly changing topics provide entertainment, adventure and fun – all while learning English along the way!

“English is actually really fun!”

Lina, 2nd grade

Children learn in very specific ways, and those are different from adults. Focusing on their own experiences and lives, we can connect deeply with children to create lasting and memorable learning opportunities.

This turns learning a new language into something completely natural.

myENGLISHclub has developed a unique concept to experience language naturally and actively. Through exciting activities and adventures in English, the children are holistically supported and are able to speak,
 understand and write in their new language.

For the current activity plans by school year, please click here!

“I never thougt that an online course could be so interactive. Titus is having so much fun that he doesn’t even notice he’s learning English!”

Mrs. Haller with Titus, 3rd grade

We utilize small groups to maximize learning
Online: via Zoom
Offline: personally on site
Native and bilingual speakers
Personal learning according to the strict hygiene regulations of the schools

Personal activities and events in small groups

Online activities via Zoom

Daily activities and events per request

Individual sessions are offered upon request.

In order to provide the children with the best care and support, the groups are assembled according to school year and competence level. Please fill out this assessment form so we can match you with the right learning opportunity. Thank you very much!

“The content is fun and new every week-
I don’t even notice that we are speaking English.“

Erik, 3rd grade

The great thing about myENGLISHdigital is that we have developed a rotating system. This means that we offer interesting topics every week independent from each other. So that your child can start at any time and on any level with us.

Spring offer 2021

ONLINE individual sessions

Intensive language training and English conversation paired with lots of fun, great topics and activities – that’s what makes our individual courses so special.
We take all the time we need to make current and school-relevant topics super interesting and active.
In these courses, the focus is on your child’s individual needs. That is why we are happy to be in close contact with you. Together we will bring your child to success and show visible results!

Valid ONLY to April 30th – 20% OFF

10x 30 min individual sessions  –  From €360 Now ONLY €289

To increase the fun factor, invite a friend over with you!

Registration and more information at:

See you soon!

About me

Welcome to myENGLISHclub!

Do you wish that your children would find learning fun? That this would enable them to advance their education and life opportunities? I wanted the same for my child, which is the reason I founded myENGLISHclub.

My son is in third grade of elementary school. He learns the most when he finds the subject matter fun and engaging. When he is not stimulated, he doesn’t learn, and can be distracted and disengaged. However, all subjects are important in establishing a well-rounded education, so we must find a way to also master these topics, using fun and activities.

I lived, studied and worked in the USA for almost 10 years. The people, the language and the culture have grown very dear to my heart over the years. I would like to convey this passion. Through my knowledge and experience, I can open the world to this language and culture for children in a unique way.

With play and fun, skills are improved and gaps are filled!

“I appreciate myENGLISHclub. Using these novel learning techniques, my children are more prepared for secondary school.“

Mr.  Müller, with Luise, 4th grade.


Stefanie Steenhuis


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We look forward to hearing from you!
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Thank you! Let’s learn together!

See you soon!